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Terms and Conditions

No holidays. Must work a minimum of 2 excel sheet tasks per day. If not, you don't get that week's salary permanently. We offer a salary only for continuous 7 days work.

Example: In the weekly salary plan, You have done your work first 6 days(Monday to Saturday), but if you are not done your task on the 7th day, you don't get that week's salary permanently.

Note: If your performance impresses our team, you will directly promote to Hazeena Membership. Hazeena Membership is more valuable than Pro membership (Trice times salary of Pro Membership). Incase if your performance looks bad or wrong activity, your account terminate or suspend immediately.

You can choose Free membership and Pro membership. (Per the excel sheet get Rs 20 to Rs 25 for the free membership, Rs 30 to Rs 45 for the pro membership.)

  • Don't use shareable / wifi internet connection. Must use your own internet. If one more person works on the same internet connection, your both account will be terminate/suspend.
  • Excel sheet will be provided 1 by 1, an unlimited number of sheets(no provision for bulk sheets)
  • You will be rewarded(Rs 10 – 100) if you complete 8+ sheets per day depends upon the errors you make.
  • If 100% accuracy for the first 10 pages then the amount will be increased by 40% per page you finish on that day only.
  • In this intensive program, your Excel will be checked and your salary will be sent within 8 to 24 hours at end of the week.
  • After 1 month, we will increase your salary depend upon your previous month's performance.

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